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한국 전통 음식과 술


I'm Mi Kyung Kim, a professor who is working at Hanyang University, College of Medicine. 

I have a background in nutrition and epidemiology. I have conducted research in the field of nutritional epidemiology, focusing mainly on cardio-metabolic conditions including atherosclerosis, metabolic syndrome, T2D, and hypertension. However, I have also started researching cognitive aging and have a strong interest in all diseases related to low-grade systemic inflammation.

My ultimate goal is to promote healthy living by identifying the true relationship between dietary factors and health using various research approaches. I believe that collaboration with researchers from diverse fields is essential to achieving this goal, and I welcome such opportunities.

Thank you for your interest in our research team. I am excited to continue my research and contribute to the field of nutrition and epidemiology.


Let’s Work Together

Wangsimri-ro 22 gil, Hanyang University, College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea

Tel: 02-2220-0667

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